Our story began 5 years ago. Having recently recovered from cancer, Sara was looking for swimwear that suited her active lifestyle and offered the high level of sun protection she needed to cover up her radiation burns. But when it came to it, she found she only had two options. Go for sun protective fabric in a skimpy bikini that offered next to no protection; or cover up in something that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Victorian gothic novel... 

So when Sara moved to New Zealand two years ago, and her time spent playing outdoor only increased, her need for sun protection increased as well. Spending more time looking for cover ups she realised she was still looking for the things she couldn’t find. There had to be a better way. 

The way was Hākinakina. 

Never one to back down from a challenge, Sara decided that if she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she’d create it. So armed with a background in marketing, 5 years building a Womenswear print label, and a desire to get back outdoors to the life she loved; she created a range of swimwear designed to give women the freedom to play without compromise (and look good while they do it). 

Working with only the best manufacturers around the world, she sourced fabrics that not only offered unparalleled UPF 50+ sun protection, but enabled her to create the vibrant, fun designs she loved to wear. She was overjoyed to discover that this fabric was also made from recycled plastic bottles – making steps toward her dream of a truly sustainable business.

So Hākinakina was born, and embodying the spirit of look good, feel good and do good, we are honoured to say that all of our swimwear is made here in New Zealand, and for every single piece we sell, we donate money to the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research for Cancer research.